Basic Beliefs


"And There Will Be One Flock and One Shepherd"
One Flock Ministries is dedicated to reaching out to those who do not yet know Jesus.  We take seriously the gospel commission to make disciples of all nations.   (Matthew 28:20)  We are seeking culturally relevant ways to share the good news around the world to every people group.   We are a not for profit ministry, and a subsidiary of EndowmentBuilders Foundation, Inc. (About EBF)
We are also passionate about working for the unity of all Christ honoring Bible believing Christians.  We are an inter-denominational ministry earnestly seeking the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer that his disciples be one. (John 17:21)  This will be the greatest testimony to the world of the authenticity of the claims of Christ.  "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, but in all things love."  (see Basic Beliefs )
We believe denominations serve a valuable purpose as long as they are not separatist or sectarian.  As long as Christians work together and function as one body we can touch the world for Jesus.  Denominationalism, on the other hand, dilutes the power of the Gospel.  We wish to participate in breaking down the walls that separate sincere Christians from one another. 

We want to see the Lord's dream realized ... "That there may be one flock and one shepherd."  (John 10:16) Because of this passion for cooperation and understanding among true belivers, One Flock Ministries specifically focuses on reaching those caught in sectarian systems and inviting them into the larger body of Christ. 

All Parts Working Together
We are absolutley committed to prayer as the source of all real life change and power.  When God's people pray, true transfomation takes place.  (2 Chron. 7:14)    
Click on Our Story for a brief summary of our Letter to Family and Friends for the details.   God taught us to view all sincere followers of Christ as our brothers and sisters and led us out of sectarianism into His larger body of Christian believers.  Together, united in honoring Christ, taking His word seriously, refusing to divide over non-essentials, remaining steadfast in prayer, and focusing on reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, millions will be brought into the Chief Shepherd's flock in our generation.