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Greg Taylor

Greg Taylor is the founder and president of One Flock Ministries.  He is an ordained minister with over 35 years of full time ministry experience.  Greg, his wife Paula, are currently in living in Glendale, Arizona. Their passion is for prayer ministry, inner healing, and outreach to those who do not know Jesus. They desire to lead, equip, and make disciples with a heart to share the good news of the New Covenant in their community and around the world. Pastor Taylor accepts invitations to teach seminars, serve churches and ministries, and share their story around the country.  Through the internet, and telephone, the Taylors correspond regularly with many people who are grappling with the implications of the New Covenant.  They are also involved in helping believers make inter-denominational connections for the furtherance of the Gospel. (Mission Projects) They have a particular passion for ministry to those struggling with the difficulties of leaving highly sectarian communities as the story below indicates.  

Taylor Family 2012

The Short Version of Our Story

Greg was a pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist church for nealry 20 years.  He discovered after studying the New Testament epistles that the Old Covenant Sabbath restrictions and food laws were not required of New Covenant believers.  While there is nothing wrong with observing Sabbath or eating kosher foods, to require these of believers under the New Covenant, places an unnecessary road block for people in the process of coming to faith.  It also brings separation between believers over things that are not essential.  This discovery had serious implications for Pastor Taylor and his wife Paula and their family.  They realized that publically expressing these truths from the scriptures (Gal 4:10, Romans 14:5-6, Col 2:16-17) would not only cost them their source of income, but also many long term relationships, family and friends.  Yet their conviction grew so strong that they felt they could no longer hold these truths inside.  They resigned from their pastorate in July of 2001.  Read the full version of their story, the developmental process of discovery, including the including the Biblical study in their Letter to Family and Friends 

 In 2004 The Taylors released a book explaining their journey in even greater detail.  Their book, Discovering the New Covenant, discusses the implications of the New Covenant for Christians today.  The testimonial style makes it an easy read while simultaneously leading the reader through a solid Biblical and theological study of this crucial subject. 

Their most recent book, Ways of the Spirit  was relased in 2011.  It focuses on the importance of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life and in the life of the church. It takes a testimonial approach to the study of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit and how He is the source of life, guidance, and power for the church today.           

Taylor Family -- Summer '09
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