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Giraffe on the Ugandan Grasslands
Rhino -- Nakuru, Kenya

In 2003 One Flock Ministries got involved in a project in East Africa near Kampala in the country of Uganda. We helped some local lay pastors plant a church in that region near the shores of Lake Victoria. June 2005 Pastor Greg Taylor traveled back to Uganda to visit the church started in 2003. God opened many doors for ministry there during those three weeks. In addition to preaching at church or pastors' gatherings almost every day, he visited a number of church and missionary organizations to develop liasons between One Flock Ministries and existing churches and schools.

In March of 2006 Pastor Taylor returned to connect with leaders and pastors in Uganda and Kenya. New churches were established with an emphasis on the New Covenant. In 2007, Pastor Taylor returned to Africa one more time, accompanied by David Roth, President of EndowmentBuilders Foundation, Inc. They specifically focused on helping a new church  in Nakuru Kenya in developing a ministry strategy for their church plant. That church is now independent and specifically reaches out to African pastors who come out of sectarian systems.  

They also visited Uganda. There,
One Flock Ministries has connected with Pastor Fred Wantaate and Makerere Full Gospel church.  Pastor Greg and Pastor Fred have visited each others congregations, supported one another in pulpit ministry, and for several years were involved in a joint outreach project to share the gospel in one of their church plants in the village of Seeta.  

Our ministry has partnered with several pastors transitioning from sectarian groups into the mainstream Christian community. Today, two of these pastors are leading churches in mainstream denominations and two are leading independent New Covenant churches. One Flock Ministries has a heart to help pastors find inter-denominational partnerships and to connect with like minded believers around the world.

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